Paul Fryzel


Hello! I'm a Staff-level Software Engineer based in New York City.

After almost 15 years in the industry and a challenging trek through the pandemic, I'm enjoying much-needed time off with my family. I will return to the job market within the late 2022 - early 2023 time frame.

I'm seeking a senior-level C++ Software Engineer role as an individual contributor (IC). Remote and on-site are both ok.

I'm also open to more entry-to-mid-level positions specific to compiler implementation.


Most recently, I was a Principal Engineer at Condé Nast. While there, I was a member of the Core Engineering and Data Science teams and led the design of our global content management platform (Copilot) and, subsequently, the layer of machine learning infrastructure above it (Spire).

My expertise includes building teams and designing scalable, resilient software platforms and libraries in various programming languages, including C++, Python, Scala, JavaScript/TypeScript (via Node.js), and ML/data frameworks such as Apache Spark and Airflow, and TensorFlow. I have experience in both individual contribution and management roles.

I have also been heavily involved in the technical review of corporate partnerships and acquisitions at Condé Nast and provided a significant voice on the technical organization's growth, culture, management, and recruitment.

Additionally, I'm interested in compiler design and code optimization. My goal is to eventually make contributions at the intersection of compilers and machine learning.